It takes a lot of volunteers to sustain the weekly routines of Westminster. We are a family, and like a family, we all pitch in.

 Our hope is that through volunteering, you can discover your unique role in helping people find hope, freedom and purpose in Jesus.

Whether you love to hang out with babies, brighten someone's day with a smile, play the guitar or just really like fixing things there is a place for you to use those gifts in God's kingdom. We'd love to help you get connected with a volunteer team so that you can put your gifts and talents to work.




Children's Ministry
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Worship Team
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Security Team
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Volunteer Form

If you don't see what you're looking for please EMAIL us so that we can help you find your place to serve.

  • Children's Ministry Team
    Be a part of making guests feel welcome and helping them find their way around our campus on a Sunday morning.
    Work alongside city policy on Sunday mornings to help protect the flock.
    Whether you want to assist in leading worship through music or be behind the scenes helping with with production, there is a place for you on Sunday mornings. Music: instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome to audition Production: help with audio, video and media - training is provided